Nature First

Made in Denmark, Bambo Nature diapers follow our Nordic way of life, where function and form align with a natural respect for each other and the environment. Using only high-quality materials, Bambo Nature is skin- and eco-friendly with a perfect fit and high absorbency.

The Bambo Nature diaper was the first baby diaper in the world to earn the esteemed Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the products in the Bambo Nature range have accredited several other certifications like the FSC™(Forest Stewardship Council) and Asthma-Allergy Nordic – all proof of our commitment to producing baby care products that are both safe for your baby and the environment.

You can find traces of our Nordic heritage in every product we create – in our design, the ingredients and materials we use, our high quality requirements, safe production, and working conditions. We care for our children, the environment, and each other. Naturally!

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New packaging made of 30% post-consumer recycled plastic

Like all parents, are we keen on providing the best conditions for our future generations. For us is sustainability essential and we take on our responsibility to hand over a resourceful world with unlimited possibilities.

On that note, we proudly present our new Bambo Nature packaging which now consist of 30 % post-consumer recycled raw materials meaning that less virgin plastic is needed in manufacturing. 

The recycled materials originates from consumer household plastic-waste that is carefully cleaned and sorted by grade. 

Hereby, we reduce use of non-renewable resources by utilizing the recycled system in a meaningful way.

Made responsibly

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